Students are expected to return to school with necessary boarding house requirements as lack of such items would make coping in the hostel and school difficult for such students. Parents should also admonish their children to care for their belongings. . These items will be checked at the gate on the day of resumption. o School uniform with bags (2) o School beret (Green) and house /church beret (black) for girls o 1 pair of black shoes (school shoe) o House wear (2) o Sunday wear (1) o 1 pair of black Treckers /kito sandals o 2 white bed sheets and pillowcases o 2 check bed sheets (in house colour) o 2 check pillow cases (in house colour) o 1 set of cutlery and 1 cup o 1 water bottle, 12litre keg for storing drinking water o 1 plastic bucket and 10 litres keg (to store water) o 2 Night gowns or pyjamas (No mufti) o 2 pairs of black hose (for girls who are allergic to inserts) o School Sports wear o 1 blanket and 1 mosquito Net o 1 mattress cover (zip-up mackintosh) for bedwetters o 2 stainless steel flat plates o 2 brooms, 1 cutlass and hoe o 1 Izal Medium. (Tiscol concentrated Izal only because we have discovered that other products are not effective). o 2 Napkins /small Towels o 1 medium size Air fresher (GBC or Ambi) o Torch light with battery o One cup o One mop with mopping bucket o One toilet cleaner (medium size Harpic) o House Due – N500.00 o Class Dues – N100.00 o Chapel / Mosque Dues - N 500.00 These items will be thoroughly checked at the gate on the day of resumption by the House staff. Any student without the required materials will have to purchase them before entrance into the college compound. NOTE: All students must wear school shoes during school hours and sandals (Treckers or Kitto sandals) after school hours. Slippers will only be allowed within the hostels. ? CONTRABAND ITEMS. The following items are prohibited in the college: ? Indomie ? Geisha ? Sardine ? Chewing gum ? Fried meat and Fish ? Handsets ? Boiling ring ? Electric and Coal iron ? Workman/ Compact Disc ? Mufti wears and host of others. ? Rechargeable torch/lamp only torch light with batteries will be accepted by the college. Any student found with prohibited items shall be punished and the items shall be confiscated by the college authority.