AGRIC & ANIMAL HUSBANDRY 1. All SS1-SS3 Animal Husbandry students are to pay N1,200 each for raising poultry birds & Goats. 2. JSS1-SS3 Agric students are to come with treated maize seeds for practical. Each student will have a ridge to be monitored and that will serve as part of their continuous assessment. TOOLS AND MATERIALS FOR BUILDING CONTRUCTION ENTREPRENEURSHIP 1. Brick trowel 2. Float 3. Range 4. Line 5. Pegs and profile board 6. Spirit level (plumb) 7. Steel or builders square Materials are: Cement, lime and sand or N1,200 for cement, lime and sand per student TECHNICAL DRAWING STUDENTS (SS1-SS3) 1. Drawing pencils (2H & HB) 2. Drawing scale 3. Tee-square 4. Drawing board 5. Set squares (300/600 & 450 setsquares rulers & protractor 6. Masking tape 7. Recommended textbooks(s) 8. Drawing book