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                Reading culture can simply be described as ‘how well and often we read books educational materials and others’.

                A wise man once posited that what happens to individuals in every five years, will be determined by these two things;

A: the friends you keep

B: the kind of books you read.

                Another wise man also said ‘if you want to hide a treasure from a black man, hide it in a book’. This is due to the poor reading culture of an average man.

                 The different kinds of media (phones, DSTV, and others) have stolen the time that youths once spent on productive reading.

                This is certainly killing our reading culture gradually.

I have come to realize the simple fact that READERS ARE LEADERS AND LEADERS ARE READERS because a glimpse into the stories of great men today reveals that habit is a pathway to greatness.

                True education at times does not necessarily take place in the four walls of classroom.

                Reading helps one to access vital information that most times lead to positive and meaningful transformation. Anyone who is striving to become somebody must embrace and develop a good and healthy reading culture.

It is an undisputable fact that the social stratification between classes in cut along the line of how enlightened and explored, each class is.

The difference between the ruler and the ruled, the leader and the follower, the successful and the suffering, the prosperous and the poor, the teacher and the student is most of the time the information they have at their disposal.

If you have the information that people need, you will no doubt be a leader amongst them.

                Recorded life histories of great men have no doubt inspired millions of people into the dimension of their own greatness.

It goes without saying that reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.

Physical exercise keeps the body fit while reading keeps the mind sharpened.

                At this juncture, it must be pointed out that some urgent intervention re-orientation programms must be put in place to encourage and change the current reading trend.

Students now engage themselves more on things that comes from the media. That is not so productive. The saying that follows must be considered with all seriousness by the present generation.

-Readers are leaders

- Leaders are readers

-If you are not informed you will be deformed.

-If you are not inspired you will expire.

-If you are not updated, you will be outdated.

                This generation however must place a high premium on the acquisition of knowledge by developing a good and healthy reading culture.

We must also ask ourselves the following questions;

-Do you read at all?

-How often do you read?

-Do you plan your reading or you read anyhow?

-Is what you are reading beneficial to you?

-Is your reading limited to one area or diverse?

                I want to sincerely inform you that you gain will something from everything you read.

I read even in the toilet to ensure that I finish reading books borrowed from the library or from friends at times.

                The following suggestions might help you develop a good and healthy reading culture

-Analyze your reading habit

-Create sufficient time for reading

-Balance your reading (knowing a little about everything outside your area of specialization)

-Respond to your reading. (Act on and use the information you get from what you have read.

-Make a monthly trip to the library or bookstore.

-Develop your own library.

                Learn to read somethi9ng outside your field at least once in a day and you are on your way to becoming a leader and a resource person in the future.

Trust me, it works.

Mr. Durojaiye

HOS Guidance and Counselling.