From the Desk of the Head of Department of Sciences

Mr Ebare, E.F.G. (A.D.E)  
The Sciences Department is one of the Academic departments in any secondary school worth 
It’s salt, such as we have in Federal Government College, Idoani. the department is made up of 8 subjects, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Health Science, Physical Health Education, Basic Science and Basic technology.
The Department Comprises of various subject units that are manned by crops of hardworking and dedicated graduate teachers in their fields.
A breakdown of the Department into the subject units is as follows;

A.    Agricultural Science & Animal Husbandry
1.    Amoyedo, M.O    Ass.Dir.Ed/15     -    Head of unit
2.    Akinyemi,     K.T
3.    Akinwale, R.N (MRS)
4.    Eno Oghogho (Miss)
5.    Balogun Abiodun (Miss)
B.    Basic Science & Tech
1.    Edokpolor Blessing      (Miss)        SEO/Gl10 Head of unit
2.    Babasola Funmi     (Miss)        SEO/Gl10
3.    Adeyeye, E.M                 (Miss)            PARTTIME
4.    Gumap Magdalene       (Miss)            PARTTIME
C.    Biology
1.    Adebayo (nee Ajiboye) O.C (Mrs)     PEO/09
2.    Akinnuwesi Lola (Miss)              EO1/09
3.    Oladosu Esther  (Miss)             EO1/09
4.    Ojo, S.T                                     EO11/08
D.    Chemistry
1.    Ogunware, A.F (Miss) EO11/O08      Head (HOS)
2.    Agwoko, O.C (Miss)             EO11/08
3.    Ajileye, A    `                part time
4.      Aborowa                    part time
E.    Health Science & PHE
1.    Akinremi, C.O (Miss)    Part Time- Head (HOS)
2.    Kutelu, M.A                do-
3.    Aregbesola, W.C                do-
4.    Obanla Tunde                do-

F.    Physics
1.    Ikuemelo, B.P        PEO/12  -Head of unit (HOS)
2.    Adeala Eric, A                EO11/08
3.    Seketi,A                    Part time

 The department boasts of two laboratories each for, Biology, Chemistry and Physics units respectively, while Agric Science and Basic Science each have one laboratory. The Physical & Health Education (PHE) unit has an office and, what can be called a store for keeping their sports equipments.

Each of these facilities has their level or degree of furnishings and equipments which differ from one unit to the other. The implication is that proper and effective teaching and practical work is affected by the level of furnishing, maintenance and equipping given to the various laboratories. It is therefore advised that the issue of renovation, refurbishing and equipping of some the laboratories or provision of new ones should be taken seriously

Science department has been involved in nurturing and producing students, some with good results and some outstanding results. This is attributed to the efforts of the teachers, most of who are committed to ensuring that students are taught to the best of their capabilities. The different level of support of the successive College Management headed by the Principal also contributed to the success story. This is reflected in the results of external examinations and various competitions, where our students have proved their mettle. 

The Department like other organisation have certain contending issues which pose as challenges to achieving the desired goals. The issue of teachers training and retraining which is not properly addressed. Added to this is the incentives for Science Teachers such as the as the Science Allowance which needs to be restored.

Other challenges is the problem of dilapidated laboratories like that of Biology, empty laboratory like that of Basic Science and the near empty like that of Agricultural Science lab. The physical & Health has no laboratory except for a store. Besides, some of the labs are no longer big enough to accommodate students for lessons and effective practical work. Modern ICT based e-learning facilities are needed in the laboratories.

Finally, the laboratories need proper and well articulated water reticulation to aid practical work and serve the available toilets for use of staff.  
Closing let me appeal that the challenges and suggestions highlighted in this write up may also serve as recommendations towards enhancing quality work and building a dynamic and result-oriented department of our dream.